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    Tianhui Machinery JinPin ChengQi

    source:tianhui time:2019-05-14

      Warmly celebrate the launch of tianhui machinery jinPin ChengQi

      In order to expand business volume and let customers better find and understand our company's metal processing capacity, we are now spending a lot of money to build the version of jinpin enterprise in alibaba international station.After the launch of the new version of the package, the company passed the BUV certification, increasing the customer's credibility.Division I is the alibaba international station 11 years of old members, the new version of the line, the follow-up business can be expected!

      Jinpincheng enterprise is an upgraded member product launched by alibaba international station according to the needs of overseas buyers for star suppliers with buyers' service capability.In addition to enjoy export membership services will enjoy more services and benefits.For example, to provide international certification authority enterprise certification, foreign trade full link services and exclusive marketing rights and interests.