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    Precision Machining Investment Forging Parts

    Another Name:Professional Machining Customed Aluminum Product
    Product Introduction:Machining Forging Alumnium Base Machining Aluminum Flange Machining Aluminum Product

      Technical : Aluminium Hot Forging + Precision CNC Machining

      Product Name : Aluminum Auto Base

      Main Use : Auto Parts

     Technical parameter


    Aluminum Hot Forging Base Precision Machining 


    Al-6061 T6   Al-6063

    Material Standard


    Forging Weight


    Forging Dimension Tolerancez:


    Forging Surface Rough:

     Ra6.4 – 3.2

    Rough of Machining Surface:Ra0.8-1.6

    Support File of Format:

    ProE (.igs , .stp) , Auto CAD , PDF, Jpeg,   Jpg, Png

    Heat Treatment:

    Quenching and Tempering , High Frequency Quenching

    Machining Equipment

    CNC Center,CNCs, Drilling Machine.

    Surface Finished

    Hard Anodizing

    Measure Tool:

    Micrometer, Caliper, Height Gauge,Screw Gauge


    First Checking , Checking , Final Checking

    QC Report:Material Report, Product Ddimension Inspection Report.


    Technical Process

      1.Produce Hot forging mould of Aluminum Auto Base

      2.Hot Forging Aluminum Base

      3.Machining Aluminum Base

      4.Drilling ,Heat Treated, Anodizing .


    Machining Capability Inspection Capability  

        We have produced more than 700 different types of machining product , these product are mainly exported to Europe, the United States and Japan, our engineers and workers are familiar with the overseas customer engineer standards and quality requirements. As far as now my company has 18 sets of machining center, 3 sets of inclined bed, 21 CNC machine tools, 1 sets of CMM inspection center, 3 sets of manual lathes, milling machines 2, 18 Taiwan 1 Taiwan drilling machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, 1 sets of vibration grinding machine, 1 sets of welding machine.

    Tianhui Factory

    Tianhui CNC's Shop

    Tianhui CNC Center's Shop


    Aluminum Hot Forging Capability

        As a professional Aluminum Hot Forging Factory , only manufacture high quality aluminum hot forging parts . Edges clearly , Stable size of hot forging parts (Critical Sizes can be up to CT5 -CT6 Grade ), Smooth Suface ( Roughness of Casting Surface Ra6 ) . Reshaping hot forging parts by Press Maching , Fixture Tool and Measure rectification .

    Quality Control

    Magnetic particle testing

     Production Processes & QC Reports




      ISO9001:2008 Certificate of Quality Management System

     Safty Packing